4 Gifts Ideas for Golfers by Fairway Golf

Not sure what golf gift to get someone for an occasion?  Golf can be an expensive sport to play, and as such finding the right golf gift that is budget-friendly at the same time can be a difficult experience.  Here are four golf gifts in particular that are both budget-friendly and sure to put a smile on the face of any golfer who receives them:

Golf Balls

The most popular budget-friendly golf gift to give is a set of golf balls. No golfer will ever turn down receiving more golf balls, especially ones made from Fairway Golf Balls.  What separates Fairway Golf Balls from other popular brands such as Titleist or Taylormade is that they offer the same amount of playability at 30% less cost.  For those who may not be familiar with golf balls, not all golf balls are the same.  Just because a golf ball is inexpensive does not necessarily mean it is better.  What is great about Fairway Golf Balls is that they are made with similar custom manufacturing equipment as the major, expensive brands but do not use a middleman to sell them.  By selling direct to consumers, Fairway Golf is able to offer high quality at a reasonable price.  


One gift idea that does not get as much traction as it should is golf headcovers.  While their main purpose is to protect the longevity of golf clubs, golf headcovers provide a great way to add flair to one’s golf bag and stand out from the rest.  Another great aspect of headcovers is that they are relatively inexpensive, giving one the option to purchase a headcover for different clubs.  The two most popular headcovers that golfers use the most are the driver and putter headcovers.  Both clubs are generally the most expensive to buy, and as such golfers need to have headcovers to protect them from the elements while playing.  


Speaking of standing out from the rest, another great budget-friendly golf gift to consider is apparel, whether is it hats, shirts, or other pieces of clothing.  Hats in particular are a great go-to option as they can be worn on multiple occasions due to their low maintenance.   They are also adjustable, which means you don’t have to fret about getting the right hat size or having to deal with any returns.  It is an option that any budget-conscious shopper should consider when it comes to buying golf gifts.  

Gloves and Tees

Lastly, the combination of gloves and tees should also be consider for those who are shopping for others on a budget.  Similar to golf balls, every golfer needs to have golf gloves and golf tees when playing out on the course and will be very appreciative when receiving them as gifts.  When it comes to choosing the right golf glove, golfers generally only use one for their dominant hand, so a right-handed golfer uses a right-handed golf glove for instance.  There is a difference when it comes to quality as well, as inexpensive golf gloves may only last a handful of rounds out on the golf course, while higher quality ones can last for months or even years. Fairway Golf offers a variety of golf products for golfers and makes it the perfect gift for golfers.

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