4 Tips To Play Better Fairway Golf: Hit More Fairways!

4 Tips To Play Better Fairway Golf: Hit More Fairways!

What makes golf such a great challenge (and frustration at times) is that there are many areas of the sport every player needs to master in order to truly become great at it.  You could hit great fairway golf approach shots, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t sink short putts.  The best way to approach your improvement of the game of golf is to break down each area and try to improve on them, one at a time.  Here are four tips to help you play better fairway golf.  

Know your distances

Better fairway golf first comes from knowing your distances.  This means not only knowing how far it is to reach the greens but also how far you hit each club.  Don’t always rely on what the markers on the golf course indicate, but instead use a device such as a GPS tracker to help you gauge exactly how far you are from the green.  As you move from a mid-handicap to a low handicap, you will need to know how far you hit each club, and not just for full shots.  There may come a time when you are playing in windy conditions and need to hit knock-down shots into greens.  If you know your distances, you can feel more confident on fairway golf shots no matter what the conditions are.  

Learn to hit irregular shots

Another way to improve on golf shots is to learn how to hit irregular shots.  If you normally hit an 8 iron 150 yards, get comfortable hitting shots with a 5 iron from the same distance.  More often than not you will find yourself in situations that require you to hit a shot that is not normal, whether it is a low flight, hook, slice, out of divots, you name it.  By practicing these shots, you will become more comfortable hitting when these different situations arise.  Fairway golf isn’t just about playing well in perfect conditions, but how well you can face adverse ones too.  

Don’t be afraid to club up

If you have a fairway golf approach shot that requires you to fully hit a certain club, consider going one club up and hitting an easier shot instead.  It is much easier to hit a poor shot knowing you need to hit it with full power as opposed to only needing eighty percent power instead.  This can be especially useful on par 3’s, where a poor shot can easily lead to a bogey or more but a OK shot can also lead to a solid par.  Get into the mindset of not having to hit a full shot on every single fairway golf approach shot and you will find yourself shaving strokes in no time.  

Play to your strengths

Last but not least, play to your strengths.  Just because the hole is not very long doesn’t mean you should always pull out the driver and leave yourself with an awkward distance on the fairway golf approach shot.  Know what your strengths are when it comes to fairway golf approach shots.  Do you feel most comfortable hitting from 125 yards out?  Put yourself in a position to hit these shots as many times as possible throughout the round, both on par 4 and par 5 holes.  Put yourself in positions where you can hit approach shots from the fairway confidently and you will find that confidence seeping into others areas of your game.  

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