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Advancements in technology have provided golfers with numerous ways to lower their scores in a short amount of time, whether it is golf clubs, golf balls, and online instruction to name a few.  One area in particular that does not get enough attention is shot tracking, and this article will show why it is important and how the Arccos App can help you shave strokes off your game in no time. With that being said, Fairway Golf is happy to announced that our balls are now available on the Arccos app

The Importance of Shot Tracking

In order to truly become a better golfer, you not only need to know how far you hit each golf club but also the distances on the golf courses you play, especially when it comes to fairway golf shots.  It does not matter if you hit a great shot if you don’t know the proper distances, as it could mean the difference between being on the green putting for birdie and ending up in a greenside bunker.  Distances play a fundamental role in the game of golf, and until recently one had to rely solely on markers the golf course provided or go to a golf store to figure out how far they hit certain clubs.  Guessing yardages on the golf course simply isn’t good enough these days, especially with the Arccos App around.  

How the Arccos App can lead to lower golf scores

Two words – smarter golf.  The Arccos App syncs with sensors on your golf clubs along with wearable technology that you clip on to provide all of the data you need to shoot lower scores.  The Arccos sensors keeps track of club distances and how you are performing out on the golf course, providing real-time data you can use to improve your fairway golf game for instance.  Instead of having to rely on markers out on the golf course, the Arccos App provides real time yardages accounting for elevation and wind that are synced to the wearable technology, giving you the ability to hit the right club every time.  It doesn’t have to be difficult figuring out the right club to hit on fairway golf shots, and the Arccos App makes it easy to figure out what to hit at any point during a golf round.  

Not only that, but the Arccos has a Caddie Advice feature that uses artificial intelligence based on your club distances to show the optimal strategy for each golf hole that you play.  You can literally have a virtual caddie helping you during each round!  There are many other great features to consider as well, in particular strokes gained analytics that can show you what areas of your fairway golf game need the most work.  While technology can be complicated at times, the Arccos App is anything but complicated, taking only a few minutes to set up.  The only thing you truly have to lose is fairway golf strokes when it comes to choosing the Arccos App!

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