Urethane vs. Surlyn Golf Balls - What's The Difference?

Urethane vs. Surlyn Golf Balls - What's The Difference?

Technology has radically changed the game of golf over the past two decades, allowing golfers of all skill levels the opportunity to improve their games in a variety of ways.  One of the easiest ways to do is by playing the right golf ball - not all golf balls are the same. For example, the cover of a ball will impact its characteristics significantly.

Urethane Golf Balls

Ever wonder how PGA Tour players are able to hit iron shots that seemingly stop right next to the flag or have insane amounts of backspin?  Part of it is the clubs they use and the speed they are able to generate with their swings. However, a significant part of that is the use of urethane covered golf balls.  Urethane golf balls are by far the most popular in the game of golf today, with the Titleist ProV1, Taylormade TP5, and Bridgestone Tour e330 among the many brands that are made with urethane covers.  What differentiates urethane from a surlyn golf ball is the softness, which leads to a higher amount of compression and therefore spin. The Fairway golf urethane golf ball option is the Fairway Eagle Pro

There are three main downsides to urethane golf balls, however.  The first is that they are among the most expensive golf balls to buy on the market today.  For those who are on a budget, surlyn golf balls may be the best option. 

The second downside is that they generally do not offer the same amount of distance as surlyn golf balls, especially for those who are mid-to-high handicap players. 

The last downside is that the amount of spin generated can work against you off the tee, exaggerating slices and hooks which makes it harder to hit the fairway in golf.

Surlyn Golf Balls

Surlyn golf balls are known for having greater durability than urethane golf balls (examples being Pinnacle and Top Flite), along with options that are much more budget-friendly to amateur golfers.  Surlyn balls provide both more distance and less spin than urethane golf balls.  As far as spin goes, less of it has both its benefits and consequences.  Less spin off the tee means straighter shots and a bit more forgiveness for golfers who may slice or hook the ball. 

However, less spin also means approach shots won’t stop as fast as they land into the greens.  What this means is that surlyn golf balls are well-suited toward mid-to-high handicap players who may not necessarily need to have backspin on their iron shots or the ability to check the ball around the greens. Fairway Golf offers surlyn ball options called the Birdie tour and Flamingo

Fairway Golf Balls

Whether you are interested in urethane or surlyn golf balls, Fairway Golf Balls has you covered!  Our premium quality golf balls come in various options for golfers of all skill levels at a discounted price, whether you are just hitting the course for the first time or are trying to break 80.  Not only does Fairway Golf Balls provide some of the best golf balls in the game but other golf-related items as well such as tees, headcovers, and apparel!

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