Golf Ball Fitting – How to Choose the Right Golf Ball?

Golf Ball Fitting – How to Choose the Right Golf Ball?

With so many different golf balls on the market today which go for so many different price points, should you just go with the most expensive ones and be done with it?  Well, we don't think so as you could be added more strokes to your game without even realizing it. 

Why having the right golf ball matters

Just like having your golf clubs fitted correctly can help shave strokes off of your game, golf balls can have the same effect.  Buying any golf ball off of the shelf is like buying any golf club set off of the shelf.  Sure, you could go out onto the course and play golf with any set, but if you truly want to play your best golf you should have the clubs and balls that suit your game.  Most golfers do not realize that there is a major difference in the golf balls available to them today, and it does not just come down to price either.

Three criteria to choosing golf balls

With that being said, there are two top criteria to keep in mind when choosing the right golf ball for you: swing speed and areas of improvement.  Swing speed is the first measurement to consider, as every golf ball has a compression rating based off of it.  If you have a low swing speed (below 85 mph), two-piece golf balls such as the Bridgestone e7 and Titleist Velocity will help give you added distance and more forgiveness both off the tee and when it comes to fairway golf approach shots. If you have a higher swing speed (95 mph and higher), three and four-piece golf balls such as the Titleist ProV1, Fairway Eagle Pro and ProV1x should be considered, as their higher compression rates will give added spin and control where you need it.  

The second criteria to choosing the right golf ball is areas of improvement. You may find yourself struggling with keeping golf balls in the fairway or approach shots not stopping where you want them to. This is where it is important to consider the golf ball you are using.  Two-piece golf balls or a 3-piece Surlyn will provide less spin off the tee, reducing the amount of slice or hook you may have.  On the flip side, a three-piece ball with a urethane cover has more spin may be exaggerating your slice or your hook.  The same could be said of fairway golf approach shots, because three-piece golf balls will give you added spin to have the ball stop on the greens faster.

A 3rd criteria also needs to be considered which is the material with which the ball cover is made: urethane or surlyn. You can learn more details on how it affects your game in one of our previous blog post.

Fairway Golf Balls

Choosing the right golf ball shouldn’t have to come down to price, and that is what makes Fairway Golf Balls unique.  At Fairway Golf Balls you can find tour-level golf balls for a fraction of the price you would find at a local golf retailer.  We are able to do this by cutting out the middleman and selling direct to consumers, which means higher quality at lower prices.  This applies not only to our golf balls, but our accessories and apparel as well! Still undecided on which Fairway Golf ball to use? Check out our Fairway Golf starter pack.


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