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Fairway Golf

Fairway Valuables Leather Pouch

Fairway Valuables Leather Pouch

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The Fairway Leather Pouch is a limited edition premium leather bag to carry balls, tees, and markers during your golf outings.

  • Soft, durable premium leather: feels great, looks rich, and cleans up easily.
  • Heavy duty drawstrings with toggle cord lock are easy to open and close to keep your items safely tucked away inside.
  • Large enough (8” x 7”) for golf balls, tees, and other golf valuables.
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The Birdie Golf Ball

Step up your game with the Birdie Tour Golf Balls from Fairway Golf. These premium golf balls are designed to provide long-distance shots with a stable ball flight, specifically crafted for mid to low handicappers looking to reduce slices and hooks.

Constructed with a durable DuPont Surlyn cover and a 3-piece premium resin core, the Birdie Tour golf balls are designed to last. The 97-compression rating makes these balls ideal for golfers with a driver swing speed of more than 90mph.

One of the standout features of the Birdie Tour golf balls is the long alignment aid. This extra-long guide helps you achieve increased accuracy while putting, making these balls the top choice for golfers aiming to improve their putting game.

The unique design of the Birdie Tour allows you to generate longer distances off the tee while maintaining a stable ball flight. This is achieved by the combination of the Surlyn cover and the high compression core, creating a ball optimized for distance without compromising on accuracy.

With the Birdie Tour's premium Surlyn cover, you'll experience less side spin off the tee. This helps limit slices or hooks, leading to purer, straighter shots. Moreover, the Birdie Tour golf ball offers high durability with its extra resistant Surlyn cover. You can play the same ball for longer durations with reduced cover damage and without any unwanted flight drag.

Finally, the Birdie Tour is comparable to leading golf balls such as the Bridgestone e6, Callaway Superhot, Titleist Tour Soft, and Vice Tour. Experience similar high-performance play at a competitive price with Fairway Golf's Birdie Tour golf balls​

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Golfer Profide

  • Beginners, High Handicappers or Fellow Slicers
  • Low to Mid Swing Speed 
  • Looking For Increased Distance, Less Side Spin
  • Compares to Vice Drive, Piper Green, Srixon Soft Feel, Callaway Warbird


  • Save Money
  • Significant Distance Gains
  • Straight Ball Flight Off The Tee
  • Consistent Putting Alignment Aid


  • Durable DuPont™ Surlyn© cover
  • 2 Piece Ball
  • High Compression Core - 92
  • Symmetrical 332 dimple design
  • Extra Long Alignment Aid
  • Conforms to USGA standards